Axor is an adventure side-scroller for the 3DS, DSi, and Wii U. It is made by the Game Jump company.


Axor, a lonely boy in the wild, is informed of a great evil in the underground tunnels of Axerton. He wants to know what it is so he decides to find out himself. He looks into the nearest hole in the ground, but it opens up and he falls in. It closes up trapping him underground. He knows that you won't survive just sitting around so he takes off down through the never-ending tunnels.


Axor-a 16 year old boy who was destined to be the Prince of Axerton, but didn't want that title so he ran into the wilderness to live. He is our hero.

Zonton- the evil king of the undergrounds. He lives at the very end of the tunnels. Deep in the Earth. No one has seen him in 48 years.

Cooper- the head henchmen to Zonton. He is the mastermind of the boss battles. He also created the Axe Spinners.

Axiliam- the ghost of Axor's grandfather. He is wise and will help you find secret passageways and extra lives. He will only appear every time you get hit by squeak bats three times.


There are three modes of play. They are Story, Fast, and Puzzle. In story mode you start with the Axiliam telling you the story of Axor and how he ran into the wilderness. It shows how Axor fell into the undergrounds looking for the great evil and the adventure he always has wanted. Then you play as Axor going through varaius tunnels and caverns underground and dodge everthing that might come your way. When you get through ten regular levels the eleventh level will be a boss battle. There are 15 boss battles in the game altogether. In Fast mode you have a set amount of time and the speed gets faster as you move through the level. By the end of the level you have to be really skilled. There are no boss battles in this mode of the game. The last mode, Puzzle, is the overall slowest of the modes. Instead of trying to run through the level you have a different set of tunnels you have to escape. You can you different items to help you that you find along the way. Eventually you get to the end and collect a gold peice. Some levels have extra gold peices for you to find. There are 80 levels in Puzzle mode and to defeat Puzzle mode you need 95 gold peices. (If you collect exactly 95 gold pieces then there are still 8 more in some levels.)