Our mascot, Punchy.

Welcome to the Game Jump WikiEdit

We are a fake game creating company. We create fake games and consoles. You can help us by editing for spelling and grammer or giving us a cool new idea for a game or console. We will except many ideas, but we may not except your. If you have an idea that you really think should be noticed, notify me, your founder, here.

The Game Jump Motto and PolicyEdit

Our motto is "Jump into the future of gaming!!!" That's because we are here to make games that sound good and feel good. They may not be real, but I hope you enjoy the ideas and have fun thinking about them. (If you happen to be someone from a game company then we could talk.) Now on to our policy. Our policy is that we can create a great game from scratch just for you. You give us your ideas and we put them to work. All you have to do is give us a name of a new game and we can make it with multiple new ideas. We're sorry if you aren't satisfied with the game we end up with. Suck it up and live your life. If you have any problems with this policy then please notify me here and we can talk it over.

On StaffEdit

Here at Game Jump we have to have more than one person to run the business of making fake games. We currently do not have very many people, but we are soon to jump right into production and begin abroad. These are the people we have on staff as of 7/25/2012

  • Gibie Dude (your founder)
  • Chili Dude (the founders brother)

Sister Wiki'sEdit

Before this wiki was created, your founder worked on these other wiki's and still does. These wiki's may fit your liking better or worse and you may join them too.

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