The first new game that we here at Game Jump will produce. It is the newest in the storyline of the Starfox franchise. It uses mainly mulitplayer mechanics and you can play with up to six of your freinds. It follows the path of the original Lylat Wars system. The main character is once again Fox McCloud. You will notice that in the name of the game it say The Return of Andross. Although it says this, the actual return of Andross will not be noticed or even mentioned until you actually have to battle him. You will notice that the StarWolf team seems to be hiding something so it seems as if something mysterious is going on.


Star Fox: Assualt was faught 5 years ago. The team has fallen into a time of low budgets and no missions. The world of the Lylat System has ceased to have a bustling energy. The Starfox team soon gets word from the new general Dash Bowman that Andross has sent armies into the nearest planets to Venom and has turned back the planets to the way they were before the Lylat Wars with a speical machine. They take off from their Great Fox in space and head down to Corneria to face the first battle.